Lain upon the dire

Nesting again,

Lain in the dire.

How many times,

Till I can retire?


Up, upon foot,

Resting on frantic bones.

Hollowed by the centre,

Draining all once owned.


Never beating alive,

Heart-ached to death.

Shallow in its depths,

Of its instinctual favour.


Lying upon perpetual distress,

Sinking through its passing layers.

Futile knots tying together,

All that which I cannot sever.


Sure-enough path to get lost upon

She didn’t know that

the path that she had once walked upon -

Steadfast and strong; never deviating -

Was the same as the one

that she was now walking upon.

Unaware, that whilst being wrong,

it was right all along;

There had never been dictated a more

Sure-enough path to get lost upon.

An Angel cries tears of darkness

Never again will she be lost -

She is working through it all;

Conquering that steadfast persistence -

Enough said, she will not do it again.


It had never been like this before.

She was completely new to the game.

It had welcomed her with open arms,

Now it had trapped her beneath it’s weight.

But never before the darkness stirs.

She sleeps with her eyes open,

Never a see-er of the truth until the dark.

Wrapped up in bubbled-wrap,

Flirting with disaster,

Flying past any mirrors -

She cant feel what she cant see.


Flapping her turgid wings,

She’s getting nowhere that she desires.

Fragile beauty will never last -

Lying in her broken truth,

Suffocated by her own fire -

She’s lost without verve.


Don’t let her know,

That she already knows.

Don’t tell her the truth,

She’ll only deny knowing it.

Hide it from her – than she’ll try to seek it,

But never, never before the darkness stirs.

She holds me like home

Far east where the gong erupts,

A piece of me lives there.

To the north where the eye,

Is as clear as the day holding night.

I inhabit here.


The ochre heart where song is the spoken word,

And dance is the food that flavours spirit.

She lives deep within my eternal hearth.


To the heightened west, it’s scouring the mind,

Exploring all that could exist.

He has home within me.


The great southern land,

 Burning bright with her truth,

And sand filtering all else.

She is my home.


Stars linking all of my cousins, whole.

Ancestors breathing life into the land,

Holding my shoulder, telling me hidden truths.


Hand-in-hand we hold this web,

Against the strongest of tides,

And the winds deep with fury.


We are the trees rooting this ground,

To its homeward bound.