System of drones

Walking to their practiced beat

One by one

Their faith is undone

Will to be broken

Their hearts are unsung

I sit and wonder

Did I lose my way

Or did I just make my own?

Does that make me the imposter

Or the gilder of my throne?

I’d like to think that it’s both

That way I’d know I’m not alone

Because the filthy stares and heartless groans

Are what makes me know I am my maker

And it’s them that I’ve outgrown

Thy blessed fruit

Third eye transpires,
Crown alight,
Eyes affixed,
Heart atoned,
Mind transfixed,
Gently waiting.

You know that you’re above it all,
But doubt creeps in,
Trying to maintain that faith,
And having intentions all the best.

Trying to float above,
I hate that you know my truth,
And that I’m drowning in this filth,
Trying to birth that blessed fruit.

Misunderstood in entirety

I just wish that,
You could see my beating heart,
The cries beyond the glare,
The way that my face lights up at innocence.
That you could see that, I care most about love,
Even though I hate almost everything.
That you could interpret my anger as insecurity.
To see past my every contradiction,
And to give me credit for surviving it.

Sorry, Self

Re-edited 🙂

scorpio passion

Disappointed disappointment.

I lost it all,

To an illusion that I could not lose.

Being weaker than mind,

Stronger than desire.

Losing it all to a face that I do not know.

Just sad and beneath it all.

A hope too far away.

Trust in nothing because it will show its flaws.

Working towards a dream in the mind’s sky,

But I cannot fly there I must die and die again,

Until I’ve reached the other side of it’s end.

Walking a straight line in wounded circles.

A thought’s slave till its end.

Hold my hand loved one because I’m weaker than I dare tell.

Hold me when I’m strong.

Hold me when I’m weak,

And hold when I can not care to breathe.

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Dancing in kaleidoscope

Edited version of the original posted in 2013.

I am trying to edit all of my works, now that I have learnt so much and have more clarity 🙂

scorpio passion

From within,

Stirs this kaleidoscope of imagination,

Borne from desire.

Pretty patterns,

Dancing to the beat,

Of our spirit’s feet.

Passionate spellings,

Of love’s spectacle,

Coming into existence.

What once was nothing,

Is now breathing everything in,

With it’s vivid fervour.

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Sweet Heart

This was never meant to be,


I had it all to offer,

But you still chose the other.

A sweet heart,

Versus her scorned.

A tragedy,

Is all that she will offer.

I believe that I will always love you,

And isn’t that worthwhile?

A heart so pure,

That can love what it cannot secure.